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December 2018
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Al Kader Oasis Newsletter November 2018
November 2018
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Shrine Center
25100 SW Parkway Avenue
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Phone: 503-682-4420
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Columbia County Shrine Club

The Al Kader Clubs are a local presence for Shriners.

Columbia County Shrine Club

Meeting Time

3rd Thursday - Monthly


Noble Ron Ellenson
October 2018

We want to remind and invite everyone to our monthly Country Breakfast fundraiser. Proceeds from the breakfast benefit the Saint Helens Shrine Building and Restoration Fund. We really appreciate the ongoing support of our breakfasts, as it helps with the financial stability of CCSC. Our next breakfast is scheduled for Saturday October 6 at the Saint Helens Community Shrine Building and is open to all. We hope to see you there. Our regular club meeting follows the breakfast gathering.

The club proudly continues to stock the vending machines at the county courthouse with light snacks and beverages. This is also a part of our financial base.

Our participation in the annual Kiwanis Children’s weekend is a continuing project which gives not only CCSC but also the Shrine Hospital for Children and Al Kader Shriners a lot of exposure. Our country hay wagon rides offered for children continues to be a major part of this annual event schedule. Thanks to Noble Henry for all his efforts.

We wish to continue our breakfasts every month, and especially want to thank our amazing kitchen crew for their unending commitment and support. Also, we wish to extend a hearty thanks to all who participate in our major fundraising events. We will also start planning our Thanksgiving Turkey donation project for the Shrine Hospital for Children.

Columbia County Shrine Club Country Sized Breakfast - October and November2018

Noble Ron Ellenson
September 2018

The CCSC was dark during August so we did not meet as an official regular session, but officers kept in contact with the business of our building. We will be in full attendance at our regular meeting on September 1st, for the breakfast gathering. We will be planning our participation in fall programs and events we traditionally participate in around the area. We share our sadness as the Black Camel visited Nobel Gene Stiles, a genuine Shrine warrior and past Al Kader Recorder.

The summer was filled with Shrine Center activities, highlighted with the E-W All Star game in Baker City. The event was very successful, again raising funds for the Shrine Hospital in Portland. The steer auction brought in more than $19,000.00, which was slightly more than last year.

Temperatures were hot but more moderate that previous years. Our traditional barbecue was a delight, with a lot of preparation by the aides crew and their ladies. The Sunridge Resort is undergoing a major facelift, with modernization we will be looking forward to next year. Our thanks to Nobles Larry Evey, Jesse Exton, Carey Huckaba, and others for representing our club’s interest in the games.

Activities and events to look forward to as Shrine Center activities, a boxing fight-night sponsored by the Cyclowns Unit (a first fundraiser), Oktoberfest at Mt. Angel, and many more. A great time was had by all who attended the golf tournament and the Annual Picnic at Oaks Amusement Park. Our next stated meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 27th; and a complete report on this year’s Imperial Session will be on the agenda. I.S. Potentate Art and elected delegates (with others) represented Al Kader with honor.

Our country breakfast events continue, with the next one scheduled for September 1st at the Shrine building in Saint Helens. Everyone is invited to attend, to help support our fundraising for the maintenance and restoration of our unique building and also general club expense.

Columbia County Shrine Club Country Sized Breakfast - September and October 2018

Noble Ron Ellenson
July 2018

Our CCSC’s June meeting was held after the monthly breakfast on the 1st Saturday of the month. The agenda primarily consisted of a review of the flagpole dedication and the E-W luncheon last month, as well as plans for the June 16th community parade.

The flag is not currently flying on the new pole because the alignment of the night light timer is not functioning properly. It is being adjusted now; the light will be installed on the edge of the building, which should allow a more proper illumination. We are very proud and thankful for the donation by past I.S. Rennie Johnson and Lady Doris.

The successful brunch presented an informative outline of the E-W, prepared by Noble Casey Garrett and Noble Henry Heimuller, and was enjoyed by everyone in attendance. Noble Gil Thonstad gave an interesting recap of the games successes over the years, and Potentate I.S. Art Hermanson added some commentary about the Portland hospital and our system of hospitals which was quite interesting. The game has become a legend over many years.

The Community parade scheduled for June 16th will have something for everyone. Paraders will begin stepping off at noon; we will host our country breakfast for the units, Divan, and community friends at 8:00 am, and then lunch will be available at the ending of the parade for a $7.00 donation. Nobles Casey and Henry have purchased the food items and are expecting a great turnout.

Noble Jesse Exton reviewed the E-W pageant plans and promised an exciting roster of events. The game will be televised again this year on the ROOT network, which always presents nice publicity about the game as well as Shriners International and the Shriners Hospitals.

Noble Potentates Representative David Simpson reminded us again the importance of Shrine membership. The effort is always some challenge, but worth the rewards of sponsorship.

The regular monthly schedule of meetings will resume in August at which time we look for ward to exchanging notes of everyone’s summer activities. The summer sun is certainly worth having for sure. Enjoy! See you in Baker City.

Noble Ron Ellenson
June 2018

The CCSC met after their monthly breakfast at the St. Helens Shrine Center to discuss president Noble Terry Pea’s agenda and make final plans for the Dedication of the flagpole and E-W game luncheon on Saturday May 12th.

The flagpole has been erected and secured in place on the west side of the building. Noble Henry Heimuller researched the club’s minutes and was reminded I.S. Rennie P.P. donated the pole in 1985, and we have wrestled with getting it installed since that time. It was donated and became a tribute to Noble I.S. Rennie and Doris’ many years of their love of country and long service to the Shriners and this club.

We also discussed a plan to complete the new lighting project in the building. We will assist Lodge #32 with the annual clean up at Pioneer Masonic cemetery in St. Helens on May 20th. Many hands make light work they say, and we are all proud of the long history of the cemetery and its heritage in the community.

The E-W lunch, to be held after the flagpole dedication, will feature Noble Gilbert Thonstad, home Lodge Willamette #2 as moderator to explain to the players and audience what to expect as a game player and participant in the pageant. I.S. Potentate Art Hermanson will introduce the Shriners Hospitals for Children mission and new programs at the Portland unit.

We discussed the complimentary breakfast at our club’s building beginning at 7:00 a.m. on St. Helens Kiwanis community parade day, June 16. The parade steps-off at noon on Columbia Blvd., and several Al Kader units will join the Divan in our annual participation of this popular event. This parade is a primary event of our Shrine Center, and presents Shrindom to parade attendees in a colorful way. The theme this year is “Honoring Those Who Served,” and will feature WW II veterans as Marshalls.

We will be DARK during July and August, and will resume regular meetings in September. We wish everyone a relaxing summer. The breakfast schedule will continue each month; so please join us for a country style meal on each 1st Saturday of the month for exchanges of friendship and conversation. The experience won’t disappoint you.

See you at parade day on June 16th. HEY! IT’S SUMMER!

Pictured: I.S. Rennie and Lady Doris Johnson’s flagpole dedication, and the Columbia County Shrine Club’s lunch to honor the 2018 players and coaches. May 12th at the Shrine Building in St. Helens.

Columbia County Shrine Club Country Sized Breakfast - June and July 2018

Columbia County Shrine Club Country Sized Breakfast - June and July 2018

Columbia County Shrine Club Country Sized Breakfast - June and July 2018

Noble Ron Ellenson
May 2018

Our April news column was not published, due to a glitch that occurred in the forwarding of the article to the editor. So I will include the items of interest in this recap of club news.

We were especially pleased to welcome Lady Doris Johnson and our Potentate’s representative’s Lady Chie, at our March meeting. Potentate I.S. Art Hermanson, a member of our club, also attended the March meeting.

A lengthy discussion of the new flagpole dedication occurred, and a date for the event was finalized for Saturday May 12th at 1:00 pm. Club Vice President Noble Bill Myers and President Noble Terry Pea will have the foundation in place. Our April gathering accepted an agreement offered by our backlot garage tenant to furnish the actual install in exchange for a portion of his overall rental agreement. A flag lighting fixture will be included. Lady Doris emphasized that the memorial plaque that is planned should recognize the organizing club members.

We plan a complimentary lunch to follow the flagpole dedication. Noble Gib Thonstad has accepted our request to introduce the (8) EastWest game players from our area at the lunch, if we can gather them together to attend the festive affair. Noble Jessie Exton is assisting the committee in this effort, but it has been challenging obtaining a firm commitment to attend by many of the players or coaches at this time. This recognition program has been a tradition for several years.

The Potentate and his representative reviewed the schedule of Shrine Center events coming up at the March meeting. He mentioned the Spring Ceremonial which honored Noble Carey Huckaba, held on April 7th. The Northwest Cherry Festival parade kicks off our parade season on April 28 in The Dalles, followed by the 62nd Newport Loyalty Day and Sea Fair Festival parade on May 5th.

Noble Dave Simpson spoke at the March meeting about our decreasing membership because of demits, delinquent dues and the Black Camel visiting far too often. This is an alarming trend. It is easy to enjoy a comfort zone amongst current members; but without signing up new members as we go along, we could eventually experience a serious inability to operate effectively.

All members and their families are urged and welcome to attend our festive flagpole dedication at the May 12th meeting and luncheon. We will have a great time renewing friendships and honoring I.S. Rennie’s contributions to the club.

May, May, May. I can’t believe we are already in a new month with high exceptions for a warm and sunny spring. ENJOY!

Columbia County Shrine Club Country Sized Breakfast - May and June 2018

Noble Ron Ellenson
April 2018

Columbia County Shrine Club Country Sized Breakfast - April 2018

Noble Ron Ellenson
March 2018

We met informally after our monthly breakfast in February to discuss an agenda that President Terry Pea partially developed because he had to leave early. He appointed Noble Ralph Winters to preside, but we did not have a quorum so we just exchanged general items of business.

Nobel Treasurer Henry Heimuller reported that our back log of annual reports were hand delivered and accepted by Al Kader Treasurer Noble Dick Duer. They will be the basis of our reporting requirements going forward. Our accounting is more involved than other clubs, because of our unique building and property. Our monthly fundraising breakfasts and rentals add to the detail of our club bookkeeping. The responsibility for these reports have been shared with the Wilsonville office in the past, but are now delegated to our members exclusively.

The club recently purchased a new large 48 cubic foot side-side refrigerator/freezer that was slightly damaged in shipping at a greatly reduced price, which we needed after the older one “gave up.”

We have established a tentative date in May to dedicate the new flagpole that the late I.S. Rennie donated to the club. The foundation and lighting will be completed, we hope, and an appropriate plaque to honor both Noble Rennie and Lady Doris will be in place. We will invite the Divan and Nobility for a beautiful celebration. Stay tuned for the date and time.

We will host a reception for the players/alternates from Columbia County and Banks selected to play in the 93rd E-W all Star Game, before the current school session ends. We have been advised that seven athletes have been invited. Noble Jesse Exton is our game committee representative, and will keep everyone advised of details.

We did not have a committee report on the fundraising project of stocking and servicing the vending machines in the county courthouse, but the project is ongoing. Thanks to Noble Casey and crew for your loyal attention to this project.

Our next regular meeting will be on Saturday morning March 3rd. Everyone is invited to our ‘“mornings” country boy hospitality, and for a small donation of $7.00 you get old fashioned pancakes, fluffy waffles, and all the fixings. Not even the Cracker Barrel eateries popping up in the metro area can match this offer.

Columbia County Shrine Club Country Sized Breakfast - February 2018

Noble Ron Ellenson
February 2018

Congratulations to I.S. Art Hermanson on his installation as the 115th Potentate of Al Kader Shriners. The officers and members of CCSC are anxious to complement his agenda and goals for our Shrine. We especially invite the I.S. and Lady Lynne to attend our monthly Saturday ‘mornings’ for a hearty breakfast meeting. President Noble Terry always has a complete agenda of club business to discuss.

Noble treasurer Henry Heimuller reported and listed the operational expenses for the building, which included a charge for a recent service expense to our LIFT. We expressed a desire to seek a price adjustment for this seemingly excessive charge, or a credit on future maintenance. Thanks Noble Henry for your monthly report and watchdog of our finances.

We have resolved our audit notes, which largely related to lost communications between the Shrine Center and our postal box. As a side note, if members have not paid their membership dues please forward your payment to Noble Henry soon as possible.

I.S. Art is a back-to-business leader with a former Red ,White & Blue military background, and is anxious to develop his programs and projects of having fraternal fun in addition to service at the Shriners Hospitals for Children® - Portland.

One of our pending and priority projects is the installation of the memorial flag pole donated by I.S. Rennie Johnson P.P. and Lady Doris. It will be a reminder of his long and steadfast commitment of our Club and Al Kader Shriners. Vice President Noble Bill Myers is designing the pole base. We encourage Al Kader Divan an all members to attend the dedication function which will be announced.

Our new Potentate’s representative, Noble Dave Simpson, will commit to commuting from the South Pole In Salem to the North Pole in St. Helens to attend club functions; and if the power unit in his Tesla Model-X is up for the trips he will attend our activities to lend his business experience to our building operations and social events. Thanks Dave for accepting the challenge.

Our next regular meeting and breakfast will be Saturday, February 3rd at the Shrine Building in St Helens. Please join us in toasting the martyred Saint Valentine, and share the traditional Shriner’s hospitality and spirit.

Noble Ron Ellenson
January 2018

Our December meeting agenda was highlighted with discussions relating to the maintenance of our Shrine building. It seems like the issues with general housekeeping necessary to keeping the facility ‘ship shape’ is a constant challenge. Our building is very unique within Shrinedom and serves the St. Helens Masonic Lodge No. 32, as well as the Rainbow girls and other local groups.

We recently stripped and waxed the floor on the lower level in preparation for the official visit of the Most Worshipful Grand Master of Oregon, W. Myles McMillan and his officers on December 7th. It was a very enjoyable evening and the presentation of our hospitality was appreciated by those in attendance. Nobel Casey’s Lady Angela prepared her Grandmother’s old fashioned famous recipe of clam chowder soup and later filled quart Mason jars as take-home treats.

Our club officers will serve another year, or as long as they get it right some would say. We are appreciative of their commitment to the Shrine and this club. Noble secretary Casey Garrett’s command of the kitchen certainly is appreciated for our monthly breakfast presentations to our members, friends and the community. Noble Henry Hiemuller as treasurer maintains the receipts and expenditures for the building and club accounting, keeping us on track with the Al Kader office and their requirements.

Our tenant renting the garage area on our lot provides a valued monthly income and the Blue Lodge occupying the upstairs is a fine complement to our club. We are mindful of their financial contributions to our successful stability. We plan to spread new gravel in the parking areas which will limit some of the dust that currently kicks up.

The ‘Rennie Johnson‘ flagpole placement is a project that will be completed as soon as the weather allows and an exact location for the permanent installation (with appropriate lighting) is agreed upon.

Noble Larry Evey extended greetings from the Potentate and urged attendance to the upcoming Shrine Center socials, including the election of officers meeting and the installation on Saturday January 6th. Our support of the 2018 Divan is important as we move into another Shrine year. Their unnerving allegiance and effort are appreciated.

Our January meeting will be held after the monthly breakfast on January 6th. Everyone is invited to attend and offer suggestions for activities to keep our club on the ‘cutting edge’ in 2018.

As the New Year approaches with new hopes, here is wishing you and your family a wonderful year ahead. Happy New Year.


Noble Ron Ellenson
November 2017

The CCSC met after the club’s monthly breakfast on October 7th, and enjoyed a nice turnout of members with a business agenda led by Noble president Terry Pea. The minutes from our last meeting were approved, but there was no financial report. The net proceeds from our breakfast events have been good. We thank Noble Casey, the kitchen team, the Rainbow chapter volunteers, and everyone who make this fundraising project so successful.

We discussed the pending flag pole installation at the entrance of the building, which has been delayed for several months. The pole was donated by the late Rennie Johnson and lady Doris, but it has not ever been permanently erected or dedicated. A new resolve is in place, and we hope to complete this project fairly soon.

Noble Henry and Noble Casey plan to command a popular attraction of hay wagon rides again this year, at the 26th annual children’s fair held in the St. Helens high school commons. This very popular community function is scheduled for Halloween weekend, October 28th.

We plan to donate holiday turkeys to the Portland HSC again this year at the Central and Eastern Oregon food caravan social. The gathering accounts for major food and financial gifts from clubs, and is tallied at the Shrine center social on October 21st.

Please save the date for the 66th annual Albany Veterans parade on Saturday November 11th.

The day-long festival features a parade with 220 entries, over 400 motorcycles, and an estimated 8,000 spectators. It is billed as the largest such event west of the Mississippi River. Many of our Wilsonville parade units will participate and several members plan to attend.

The Potentate’s representative, Noble Larry Evey, closed the meeting with a greeting from I.S. Ron Gamble, and reviewed the Shrine center calendar. There are many activities planned, and members are urged to plan their holidays and attend as many as possible.

Please remember our breakfasts will continue through the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays on the first Saturday of each month. Everyone is invited to attend. The hospitality is bountiful and very enjoyable.

Noble Ron Ellenson
October 2017

Our regular monthly meeting and September breakfast was canceled because of the Labor Day holiday weekend. We have only canceled our breakfast twice since we began serving over two years ago.

Noble President Terry Pea and Nobles Jesse Exton together with the Potentate’s representative Noble Larry Evey did get together and they discussed their York Rite involvement but did not touch on Shrine club matters.

We are still getting great feedback from Al Kader’s attendance at Imperial this year, especially our excellent turn out. We are especially proud to our OB and their representation of Al Kader in the national spotlight. Our newly elected Imp. Potentate, Gary Bergenski has appointed Noble Ron Ellenson, I.S. Greg Jenkins and Noble Ralph Jubb to serve as Imperial Aides for the current Shrine year. Al Kader is an outstanding Shrine Center and it is an honor for Imperial to recognize that fact.

We are planning our traditional participation at the St. Helens Community Health Fair and Noble Henry Heimuller assisted by Noble Casey Garrett will offer hay wagon rides around the high School commons area. The gathering is a major annual event in the community and we receive noteworthy appreciation.

We plan to contribute a generous donation to purchase holiday turkeys at the Central and Eastern Oregon Food Caravan social again this year. The late I.S. Rennie Johnson started this project several years ago and we are proud to continue the donation at the October 21st dinner at the Shrine Center.

The Shrine booth at the 52nd Mt. Angel Oktoberfest, a celebration of harvest in Germany since 1810, is planned 9/14-17 and we hope to have CCSC volunteers to assist servers to serve from our trailer as a fundraiser again this year. Although this effort is relatively new for Al Kader, largely thanks to I.S. Ard and Lady Carol, it highlights our presence in the grater community.

Our October meeting is scheduled after breakfast (remember we offer waffles now) on October 7th at the St. Helens Shrine building. Everyone is welcome to participate in exchanging friendships and ideas to grow our club.

Noble Ron Ellenson
September 2017

Cancelation Notice: The Columbia County Shrine Club Breakfast for this Saturday September 2, 2017 has been cancelled. This wonderful monthly breakfast will resume the first Saturday in October.

As summer passes and as we gear into fall, the CCSC will be back on a regular meeting schedule in September. We will continue to meet after our monthly breakfasts and our next meeting will on September 6th with a full agenda. We will discuss our calendar for the fall months and start with our participation for the community Children’s Fair on Halloween weekend.

Our summer breakfasts’ were successful with the usual community residents enjoying Noble Master Chefs Casey Garrett and Noble Bill Myers serving up an excellent meal which features waffles now. Thanks to them and the serving crew, consisting of Rainbow girls and masons from St. Helens Lodge.

The Tips for Kids’ jar, that benefits the Portland Hospital, was popular too.

Several of our members will attend the Malheur Cave degree event again this year that has been sponsored by the Robert Burns Lodge #97 and Grand Lodge for over (50) years. Rattlesnakes and paper Masonic aprons, in addition to the Harney county beefsteak dinner are always a delight for the attendees. Harney County boasts of more cattle than people. The setting is always an excellent opportunity to practice various aspects of our ritual.

All aboard for Noble Treasurer Henry Heimuller and friends who have reserved their party of (6) on the 2017 Potentate’s 7-night cruise to Puerto Vallarta. Bon Voyage!

The Al Kader family picnic at Oaks Park in Portland is planned for September 27. The concert band will perform and the event and is always a highlight of the season. The Divan will serve a yum-yum dinner. Plan to attend!

Our ad in the East-West game program book highlighted the players from St. Helens and Banks. We have featured our area players and sponsored the ad for severed years. The game had an exciting outcome and the steer auction raised $14,000.00 to benefit the Portland hospital.

Remember our next regular meeting will be September 2nd after breakfast. Everyone is invited to participate and exchange ideas to expand our activates and events.

Noble Ron Ellenson
August 2017

The CCSC was dark in July so there was no regular meeting after the monthly breakfast. Chef Noble Casey and staff were prepared but the holiday weekend, for some, only produced a few regulars. A reminder however, we will continue to offer our usual country hearty morning menu of traditional favorites, including waffles now, to everyone. Please plan to attend and we promise a delightful meet and greet happening.

The Baker City 65th annual E-W game will be on August 5th. Al Kader Shriners know this is our premier fundraising program for the Portland hospital each year. Nobles, ladies and friends are urged to attend the pageant and game activities. As we have previously reported, the CCSC has purchased a full page in the official program listing players from our area and acknowledging their contributions.

Thank you Noble Larry Evey and lady Sylvia for their attendance at the monthly breakfast events.

Their interest in the club and our programs is appreciated.

Some of the best memories are made in flip-flops. Enjoy summer!

Nobles Ron Ellenson and Henry Hiemuller
July 2017

As the official start of summer kicks off, the CCSC is on course serving our monthly breakfasts on the 1st Saturday of each month. We have added homestyle classic waffles to our hearty breakfast menu, for a donation of $6.00-$8.00. We invite all Shriners, friends and neighbors to join us in the breakfast, which offers a friendly ‘get-to-gather’.

Noble Bill Myers conducted the June meeting in President Noble Terry Pea’s absence. Noble Terry has been recovering from a medical procedure and we wish him well. Following the opening prayer and Shrine Pledge we moved into an active agenda.

Our primary focus was a review and discussion of the plans for the parade day breakfast and lunch event. We have invited local organizations for a complimentary breakfast. These include: the local Kiwanis, United Way, and the Columbia County Fair Board in an effort of outreach to community service for more awareness of the Shrine and our presence as a local supporter of county activities.

We will not be directly represented at this year’s parade because our parade vehicles need repair. However, Noble Henry will herd his tractor and trailer down Columbia Avenue with our signage keeping us very visible as a community entry. The Shrine Center will be present with several units with our Divan.

We have purchased a full page ad in this year’s E-W souvenir game program. We probably won’t sponsor a banquet and program to introduce the players and coaches. This is because we have not been able to get a player listing from the game coach after several attempts to request the roster. Noble Jesse Exton, who represents us on the E-W committee, has not been successful either, but we will continue the effort. This event has been a prime function primarily because of the efforts of the late Noble Rennie and Lady Doris for many years.

The summer meeting schedule is uncertain, but our officers will meet after our monthly breakfast to attend to the business of the building and other matters that come forward.

Noble and Potentate representative Larry Evey closed the meeting with a detailed listing of Shrine center parades highlighting the E-W activities. Our presence at the parade, and social events that weekend, as well as the game, were encouraged. It was delight to greet Lady Sylvia, as she is always welcome.

Remember we believe in America this 4th because we have great dreams, and because we have the opportunity to make those dreams come true. – Wendell L. Wilkie

Noble Ron Ellenson
June 2017

President Noble Terry Pea opened the May meeting, following our monthly breakfast, with the traditional Shrine pledge to our flag and prayer. After the minutes of our last meeting were approved, and the treasurer’s report was read, we moved into the agenda for the meeting.

Our new garage tenant has suggested: new gutters, painting the building, and spreading new gravel in the lower parking lot, and has asked for financial assistance to proceed with this project. We will study this proposal.

Our first Saturday breakfasts are going well and the ‘Tips for Kids’ jar is filling up for the Portland hospital. We encourage visitors and will be serving each month during the summer.

Noble Henry will investigate the possibility of installing signage on Highway 30 to list our Shrine building with ODOT. The doorbell at the Lodge entrance needs to be installed which has been scheduled.

We have updated our bylaws and submitted them to the Potentate, which he has approved. They were mostly housekeeping articles, but keep us legal in maintaining our club. We are creating a master calendar of club activities for display for everyone’s interest.

The Potentate’s representative, Larry Evey moved that we purchase an ad in the E-W game Souvenir game program as we have done in the past. The motion carried. We appreciate Noble Larry’s interest in our club along with his Lady Sylvia.

The St. Helens community parade, on June 17th, has a theme of ‘Wonders of Columbia County’ this year and we will be serving breakfast for a $7.00 donation, and a complimentary lunch at our Shrine building following the parade, which steps off at noon. There will not be a carnival or fun center this year.

We will be dark in July and August, but our breakfasts will continue on the first Saturday of each month. Everyone is invited to join us in exchanging friendships at this enjoyable get together.

Noble Ron Ellenson
May 2017

The CCSC met after their monthly breakfast in April, and with the Pote’s blessing. We did receive permission to meet after breakfast from the Shrine Center and the new date and time has been accepted with a positive attendance. President Noble Terry Pea began the meeting with the traditional Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag and an opening invocation.

The agenda was short, but included a few moments of remembrance of a celebration for the late Rennie Johnson who, along side of his Lady Doris, was so instrumental in all facets of our club for so many years. We recalled several moments of I.S. Rennie’s influence. We will always be mindful of his leadership in establishing the club as valuable asset to the Shrine Center in Wilsonville and the Portland SHC. Thanks over and over to the Johnsons.

Our breakfast, at no cost, will begin Parade Day in St. Helens on June 17th and a picnic style fundraising lunch will be served after the parade for the community. This is always an excellent opportunity to exchange greetings with old friends and participate in the fellowship of the community. It is Father’s Day weekend so it makes for family fun for everyone.

Several members from our club participated in the well-attended Sunday, April 9th Bridge to Brew downtown race, sponsored by many of the local breweries as a fundraiser. It included Noble Rod Hevland’s hospital support club’s participation. They each raised $20.00 an hour, which amounted to about $600.00 for the Portland SHC. Thanks to our President Noble Terry and others for the good Shriner showing.

Our Potentate’s representative, Noble Larry Evey, wrapped up the morning. He encouraged participation in the parades which showcase our fraternity and hospitals, and the season begins in The Dalles on Saturday, April 22nd. Rain or shine we will be the highlight of the traditional Cherry Blossom Parade.

Our next regular meeting is scheduled for Saturday May 6th after breakfast and members and families are encouraged to attend with ideas for an even better club.

Noble Ron Ellenson
April 2017

This month’s CCSC column is dedicated to the memory of the late I. S. Rennie Johnson, P.P. 1999. I.S. Rennie and Lady Doris have unselfishly served the club for many years. Although Rennie is not a charter member he became involved shortly after the club’s founding and he and Lady Doris became the glue to keep the club focused. Many of his and Lady Doris ‘leadership skills are apparent today in the program and projects we take for granted.

His leadership and financial contributions assisted the club’s membership during many challenging periods especially when the club was in shambles and about to dissolve. He and Lady Doris gathered the pieces, recruited new members and reorganized the small base. We are very thankful for their insights and guidance throughout those turbulent periods and his support of the present members and leadership is evident.

I became personally aware of his admiration and energy for our club when he was hospitalized several years ago after falling at his lakeside property covering lumber for a remodel project and was seriously injured. I spent several hours visiting with him gleaning information about our fraternity and his involvement over many years of experience.

The club’s March meeting was held in conjunction with our monthly breakfast. Noble Bill Myers V.P. started the meeting with the traditional opening and followed with a brief business agenda, which mostly centered on planning around the breakfast and community picnic style lunch at the Shrine Building after the June Parade in St Helens. The support by Shriners, their families and friends along with their participation will be appreciated.

I.S. Rennie, we acknowledge and appreciate your many contributions to the St. Helens Club, Al Kader Shriners and the Shriners Hospitals for Children®. An inspirational quote, a favorite of Rennie’s, from an essay, first appearing in a Scouting magazine, by Dr. Forest Witcraft who once said “It will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove. But the world may be different, because I was important in the life of a child.”

Noble Ron Ellenson
March 2017

The CCSC met after the monthly breakfast in February. President Noble Terry Pea opening the meeting and immediately introduced his Lady Yvonne so as to not get caught for neglecting that courtesy and have to buy her a new dress as is tradition.

After the traditional flag salute and the invocation the meeting began with the agenda. That included the report that our project in progress of installing the new LED can lighting fixtures the lower areas was nearly complete with the installation of 80 fixtures in the 4,000 square foot area and that painting the ceiling and walls has been completed also.

The room has a fresh and attractive appearance for our use and the rental program which we are developing .The large garage building at the back of our property has been leased to a new tenant bring in $400.00/mo. compared the $250.00 from the previous occupant. The new big screen TV and sound system was enjoyed to watch the big game in early February and other classics featured from time to time.

We were pleased to welcome Noble Larry Evey, Potentate Ron Gamble’s representative, and Lady Sylvia. Noble Larry extended greetings on behalf of the Shrine Center and reviewed the activities on the calendars. Thank you Larry for your interest in the CCSC,

This column last month erroneously reported the costs of our parade day food servings incorrectly. The breakfast is complimentary and the picnic style hearty lunch will be $7.00, as a fundraiser for the club. Everyone is invited, and the Kiwanis Community celebration is always supported by our club and the St. Helens lodge. Our parade entry of units is a highlight of the parade down Columbia Blvd,

Our next scheduled meeting will be after or during the March breakfast on Saturday, March 4th. Local and visiting nobles are invited to join our meeting and enjoy the breakfast.

Noble Ron Ellenson
February 2017

Our new monthly schedule, after breakfast on the first Saturday, has created more attendance. The January meeting had (6) Nobles posting a full meeting agenda of housekeeping items relating to the Shrine Building, and a brief review of our activities for the next few months. President Noble Terry Pea is anxious to keep the clubs traditions and new projects moving forward.

Our garage tenant vacated his space without notice or explanation. We are seeking a new renter and believe we have located one that will be satisfactory. A few details need to be worked out, but we are pleased to keep the building rented.

We experienced a leak in the bathroom that required a plumbing contractor, but it is now repaired. There may be an issue with the furnace and we believe we can secure an experienced HVAC Lodge Mason who can perform an inspection of the situation.

We will continue with our breakfast and lunch, before and after the St. Helens annual community parade in June. We plan to charge $7.00 for the country style breakfast, and then serve a complimentary lunch to the paraders, Divan and member families after the noon day parade on June 17th.

Congratulations to our new 2017 Potentate, I.S. Ron Gamble. He represented the Wilsonville Shrine Center during 2016 as our Potentate’s representative and became involved in guidance and planning for our club. Thanks I.S. Ron, and we are proud as you lead our Temple. Noble Larry Evey has been appointed as representative for the new Shrine year. Noble Larry and Lady Sylvia are no strangers to the club as they have attended several meetings.

We have authorized $1,500.00 for Noble Treasurer Henry to purchase a new large TV screen and sound equipment appropriate for our lower level. We will have cable service and an internet subscription that will better enable us to offer the room to our renters, members and guests to watch sporting events and the viewing of other programs of interest.

We are updating our bylaws to submit to the Shrine Center as requested. Several changes have been made since a complete revision has been updated to bring them current.

Our next meeting and breakfast is scheduled for February 4th. We invite members and families to share in the friendships of the St. Helens community.

Noble Ron Ellenson
January 2017

The club met during the December breakfast for a brief meeting. Usual business items including payment of bills and routine items were on the agenda.

President elect Noble Terry Pea, Noble Henry Hiemuller and Noble Casey were installed as President, Treasurer and Secretary respectively. Other elected officers for 2017 will be installed next month.

Some discussion about the Grand Master of Masons for Oregon recent outline of gun policy in and around the lodge rooms was discussed. We have a few Blue Lodge members with concealed carry permits, and carry a gun and meet in our building, requesting that a gun safe be installed in the building. We will study this request and discuss it further in the future.

Our monthly breakfasts continue to attract several local community residents as well a visitors from some distance. The next breakfast will be on January 7th, at 7:00 A.M. at our Shrine Building. We thank outgoing president Noble Casey for his organizing and serving as executive chef every month.

We were pleased to see Noble George Hueth and Lady Jean at the Shrine Center’s Christmas social, which was a delightful dinner and awards evening. The installation of new 2017 officers will be held on January 7th. We hope to see a great attendance of Nobles and ladies to install Potentate elect Ron Gamble and the 2017 Shrine Center officers. Their personal commitment to the programs and goals of our local Shrine is certainly appreciated by all of the membership.

Our next regular meeting will be at our January breakfast. Everyone is invited to join us for a hearty breakfast and a sociable get together. Our “tips for kids” jar is always available for donations for the SHC-Portland.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow - Albert Einstein


Noble Ron Ellenson
December 2016


The club held its October meeting as scheduled, and its November meeting after the fundraising breakfast on November 5th at the Shrine building. We are seeking a permanent change in the meeting date so it will coincide with our monthly breakfast and encourage a larger attendance.

On top of the business agenda was election of 2017 officers. The results are: President Noble Terry Pea, V. President Noble Bill Myers, 2nd V. President Mark Reed, Secretary Noble John Ridenhour – with Noble Casey Garrett as back up if John is not able to serve, and Treasurer Noble Henry Hiemuller. The installation is scheduled at our December meeting, on Saturday, December 3rd.

We tabulated the proceeds from our ‘Tips for Kids’ jar that were collected during the past few breakfast dates, which totaled $350.00. These funds will be turned over to the Shrine Center designated for the Portland SHC.

A last pitch for CR Ron Gamble’s Choose Your Own Adventure Vacation Raffle was presented, and as you know by now, a lucky winner from Mt. Angel won the prize. The Shurtah Shrine Club sold the ticket at our Oregon State Fair Booth. Thank you Noble CR Ron Gamble for being a part of our monthly meetings and your counsel throughout the year. The fundraising was profitable and we look forward to next year’s CR Noble Art Hermanson’s project.

We will be sharing our holiday poinsettia deliveries to the Forget Me Not’s in the area, with the OES and Rainbow Girls, in a continuing effort to showcase the entire Masonic and related organizations to the community. We have an outstanding reputation in the in the St. Helens area.

The hayride at the St. Helens Community Halloween Fair was very successful and pictured with this article. We estimate as many as 7,000 locals attended the 25th anniversary festival, and our tractor and wagon were visible at the entry of the school commons that created a lot of interest. Thanks to Noble Henry and Noble Casey for commanding the touring rig.

Our lighting project is ongoing and we are aggressively seeking rentals for our unique building. We did increase the rent for the large garage structure on the back of our property from $250/ mo to $350/mo with the extra funds to be used to purchase a premium model TV and cable service for the lower level of the building.

We were pleased to welcome Noble Larry Evey, who substituted as the Potentate’s representative. He reviewed social activities at the Wilsonville Shrine Center and communicated greetings from I.S. John Nerski. We add our appreciation to I.S. John and Lady Pat for their successful leadership this year and his support to our club with visitations from time to time during the year.

As our Imperial Sir Chris Smith said in his Thanksgiving message “As Shriners, we have plenty of reasons to be thankful. We are part of one giant global family connected through a spirit of brotherhood and a commitment to make the world a better place…”

Noble Ron Ellenson
November 2016

Fall has arrived and now it is the time to begin our activities for the balance of the year and plan next year’s agenda.

The annual Kiwanis Halloween Children’s Fair at the St. Helens High School Commons will be the highlight of our activities until the holidays. It is the 25th anniversary of the Fair and we have participated in all but thee years of those years. We will host a hayride (weather permitting) around the school with Noble Henry Hiemuller as tractor engineer and President Noble Casey Garrett as conductor and safety coordinator. The hay wagon is always a highlight of the event. Our participation and program contribution, and showcasing our Shrine red fezzes, is an excellent tradition of raising awareness to the Shrine and Shriners Hospitals. The Fair accents the St. Helens Spirit of ‘Halloweentown,’ which is a month long community tradition, in the historical Waterfront District, and the festivities have grown into a major promotion and community event.

Lady Doris Johnson presented our annual donation to the SHC, for the purchase of holiday turkeys at the Food Caravan’s social this year. The Johnsons’ have been very instrumental in continuing the clubs participation for the turkey purchases by the CCSC for several years. The gathering, as tabulated by our Al Kader Recorder Noble Dick Duer, totaled a record of nearly $339,000. The cash and food items collected are a major supplement to the Hospital’s budget. Thanks to the clubs, units and individuals that made the year’s event so successful.

We can report that our LED lighting for the lower level is still a work in progress. We are now about half finished and we are anxious to complete the project. The new light source will greatly reduce our energy costs and will be an attractive alternative to the incandescent bulbs now in place.

We will not be meeting in November because Thanksgiving falls on our regularly scheduled meeting date, and President Noble Casey will announce our December meeting date due to the Christmas holiday. We hope to have our officer elections for the New Year at our next meeting. Our breakfast attendance has been consistent and will continue on its regular first Saturday schedule.

We are considering moving our regular meetings to coincide with the breakfast dates hoping to attract better attendance. We urge all members to support our meetings and activities and invite suggestions to improve interest.

At this time of Thanksgiving we pause to count our blessings and cherish the freedom of this GREAT country in which we live.

Noble Ron Ellenson
October 2016

Columbia County Shrine Club Country Sized Breakfast

Noble Ron Ellenson
September 2016

Summer is almost over and now that the days are shorter and fall is nearly here we resume our regular meeting schedule of 6:30 pm, on the last Thursday of each month. Meetings are held at the St. Helens Shrine Center, and include a casual light buffet and business meeting.

We have been meeting with 4-6 nobles for the past (3) months as a ‘work party’ to install our aggressive lighting project in the lower level of our building. We have completed the cutouts for the LED lighting can fixtures and about half of the electrical wire is strung.

The E-W Shrine football game was a success with Columbia County showcasing (3) players. They were featured in the SCAPOOSE SPOTLIGHT with their coach wearing their game shirts and no swoosh. Imagine that – just the Shrine game lettering and no commercial logos. The game was taped and televised so that many of those who did not attend were able to enjoy the play and the Shrine/Masonic advertising spots.

Moving forward, we will participate in the annual Kiwanis Children’s Fair, in St. Helens, celebrating Halloween in the community. Noble Treasurer, Henry Hiemuller and club president Noble Casey Garrett will command the hayride wagon, which is always a favorite attraction for the kids. We have been present at the event for several years and the Shriners are recognized by the community as goodwill citizens with our distinctive fezzes always anxious to showcase our SHC.

We will be on hand at the Central and Eastern Oregon food Caravan social in October to present our traditional donation of holiday turkeys to the Portland Shriners Hospital for Children.

CR and Potentate’s representative, Noble Ron Gamble, urges everyone to bear down on selling the fundraiser vacation prize tickets to choose the ultimate adventure. The winner does not need to be present for the drawing at the CR social on November 19th. The unit or club credited for each ticket sale will receive $1.00 so it makes for a win-win situation. This fundraiser supports the fraternal operating budget at the Shrine Center and does not directly benefit the SHC.

Shriners and their families are invited to our CCSC meetings, and remember, forget-me-nots and visitors are always encouraged and welcome to attend. See you on Thursday, September 29th.

Noble Ron Ellenson
August 2016

Our iconic red fezzes were all around as parade goers watched our recognizable units march down Columbia Blvd. in the St. Helens annual community parade in June. The successful country breakfast before the parade, and picnic style lunch after the parade, were well attended with many appreciative comments from the ‘locals’.

The CCSC hosted a ‘work and plan party’ on our regular meeting night in June that brought our (7) Nobles willing to assist in the lighting project we are completing in the lower level of the Shrine building. A low estimate of $14,500 from a local electrical contractor is not in our budget so we will work our way through the project with our Nobles, many with some electrical experience.

The fixtures have been purchased, but placement in the ceiling and a layout is the challenge at hand. We will meet again during our dark meeting period hoping to complete the project by fall.

A few of our members, organized by club president Noble Casey Garrett, plan to attend and participate the Malheur Cave Degree sponsored by the Robert Burns Lodge No. 97 on August 26 and 27th and always a popular format to brush up on ritual work. Several members also expect to attend the E-W football game and pageant coming up later on August 6th in Baker City.

The Al Kader officers attended the Imperial session in Tampa and report the meetings were enjoyable and very informative while keeping in touch with the Imperial’s leadership and administration of our (196) temples worldwide. Next year’s sessions will be at Daytona Beach, FL.

Noble CR Ron Gamble, our Potentates representative, urges Nobles to continue selling Choose your own Adventure vacation raffle tickets, and reminds us that the prize drawing November 19th, is soon at hand. A ticket is $10.00 each and benefits the Shrine Center’s fraternal budget. Each ticket sold will return $1.00 to the club or unit reporting the sale.

Remember to Save the Date for the E-W game in Baker City on August 6th, the annual golf tournament at Oregon City Golf Club on Thursday, August 18th and the Shrine Family Picnic at Oaks Amusement Park on August 28th.

Our club officers are planning the fall meeting agenda during these summer months with promises of an exciting calendar. Our next regular meeting is scheduled for September 29th, the last Thursday of September. We will begin with a light buffet at 6:30 PM and the business agenda discussion at 7:00 PM. New ideas are always encouraged, and remember, no one is a stranger at the Columbia County Club.

Noble Ron Ellenson
July 2016

The CCSC hosted a very successful country breakfast before the St. Helens community parade, and a well-attended picnic style lunch after the parade for the units and Divan. Thanks to President Noble Casey Garret and crew for staging the day at our Shrine Center. The “tips for Kids” jar collected over $350.00 in donations for the patient transportation fund.

The Al Kader units were invited to participate in the parade and are always appreciated by the community. Our fairly new entry of units was the hospital support trailer with hospital volunteers and select patients who enthusiastically greeted he parade watchers Thanks to I.S. Bob Walliker P.P. and the hospital’s Kay Weber Ekeya and others for making this entry possible appearance possible. The St. Helens Masonic Lodge has a very attractive float donated from a Lodge in Washington, which featured Rainbow girls and local lodge members.

We will meet informally on Thursday, June 30th for a ’work party’ at the St. Helens Shrine building and then dark for July and August. Our next regular meeting will be on September 29th (the last Thursday of September) when we will finalize our participation at the St. Helens annual Children’s Fair at the high school commons. We will co-host a tractor pulled hayride trailer with the St, Helens Lodge #32. Wagon master Noble Henry Hiemuller will be at the controls.

Noble Ron Ellenson
June 2016

The CCSC recognized the E-W Shrine Game participants from Columbia County and Banks at a brunch on Saturday, May 7th, following our monthly breakfast. In attendance were (4) players, (3) coaches, family members, divan representation and a room filled with well-wishers. Club president Noble Casey Garrett introduced I.S. Bob Walliker P.P. and the Hospital Board of Governors, who spoke about the SHC and the importance of the game supporting fundraising for the Portland hospital.

Columbia County Shrine Club

Noble Larry Evey, and Nobel Jessie Exton, Tillamook Shrine Club, assisted in the organization of the event. The SCAPPOOSE SPOTLIGHT sports editor covered the function and wrote a complete story in the local papers’ May 13th edition.

The buffet included President Casey’s classic buttermilk waffles, crispy fried chicken breasts and an assortment of salads and desert. The St. Helens Rainbow girls assisted with the serving and clean up duties.

We are completing the planning for the buffet lunch the club will host after the annual St. Helens parade on June 18th. The “tips for Kids” donation jar will be available for donations to the hospital this year a carnival attraction will be included in the community celebration and the parade will feature our Divan and units. We urge members and guests to join in with the festive parade for fun and the exchanging of friendships.

Noble Casey conducted our April meeting. Noble CR and Potentate’s representative Ron Gamble reviewed his fundraising project of “CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE,” the ultimate vacation raffle and urged all members to sell tickets that will benefit clubs and units with rewards. Tickets are only $10.00 and the winner does not need to be present at the drawing on November 19, 2016. This is the major fraternal fundraising program to benefit the Shrine Center operation.

Our long time club secretary and Al Kader Recorder Emeritus, Roy Armentrout, is reported as seriously ill after a major fall in his home. We extend getwell wishes for a speedy and full recovery. Thank you Noble Roy for your many years of unselfish contributions to Al Kader Shriners and the St. Helens Club. Our faithful member Nobel Paul Giepel was visited by the Black Camel and a memorial service was held in Rainier.

Our monthly breakfast schedule continues on Saturday, June 4th. Try to attend and enjoy a hearty country style meal and a renewal of friendships. Our next regular meeting will be June 23rd at 6:30 P.M. with a light buffet dinner with business meeting to follow.

Noble Ron Ellenson
May 2016

The CCSC was chartered October 25, 1969 and has become one of the premier Al Kader Shrine clubs. The club boasts of its ownership of 2½ acres of property and building improvements that is currently valued at nearly a million dollars.

The site was acquired shortly after the charter members formally organized the club. Shriner Noble Harvey Jordan, a local automotive dealer, donated the land with the stipulation that it be improved in a timely manner. A fundraising effort was launched, which resulted in funds for a storage shed to be built on the back of the lot and then our present building shortly thereafter, as I.S. Rennie Johnson, a very early club member recalls. The building ownership will be gifted to the Portland SHC if the club ever becomes unable to maintain it.

Our March meeting was a little unusual in that the regular meeting date was on Thursday, March 31, when the Clubs and Units did not meet at the Shrine center. So, we invited the Divan to attend and they were very supportive, as well as other Shrine Center visitors, which resulted with 33 in attendance. We did not have a regular member quorum for a meeting of record so CR Ron Gamble urged several Shriners to join for a $15.00 fee. Therefore, we immediately had (8) new members and were able to meet ‘on record.’ We then continued with an Italian dinner of lasagna and pizza, dinner salad and finished with cake and cookies catered by the St. Helens Sunshine Pizza eatery. The business meeting began with the traditional opening led by Vice President Noble Terry Pea, in President Noble Casey’s absence, and the agenda followed. The treasurer’s report was accepted with attention noted that we had just paid our annual insurance premium of $4,000.

Columbia County Shrine Club

Our participation in the June community parade and festival was discussed. The parade theme this year is “Celebrate Healthy Living.” It steps off at 11 AM on Broadway, Saturday, June 18th and is an all unit Al Kader Shrine parade this year. The club will serve a picnic style lunch for the Divan Al Kader members, friends and community for a donation of $6.00. Proceeds will go to the building maintenance fund.

Our Potentate’s representative, CR Ron Gamble, reviewed the Al Kader major fundraising project this year “Choose your own Adventure” a vacation raffle. Tickets are $10.00 and available through the Shrine center office of the clubs, and many Nobles. You win, you choose a vacation trip from (5) popular destinations. The selections are: Alaska, A Disney Resort, New York, Sandals in the Caribbean, or Hawaii. Winners need not be present to win.

The annual E-W All-Star game in Baker City was discussed, and plans for a traditional player event were formalized. A lunch after our monthly breakfast on Saturday, May 7th, for the players, coaches and families, at the Shrine building, is being planned. This gathering for the (6) Columbia County game players and (4) alternates, in addition to a Banks High School player, will be recognized by the CCSC. It is the largest all-star football game event, for the benefit of our hospitals, in the country.

This event will be at no cost and all interested Shriners and ladies are invited. We have purchased and designed a full page ad in the souvenir game book and will feature local player participation. Noble Past CCSC president Jesse Exton, our E-W committee representative, and Carey Huckaba, from the Tillamook SC, are coordinating the program.

Our next regular meeting will be Thursday, May 26th, at the Shrine building, just off Highway 30, at 6:30 PM, and open to all interested Shriners, ladies and friends. Remember Forget-Me-Nots are always invited to meetings, and our monthly breakfasts at no charge. The exchange of friendships is very rewarding at every CCSC function.

Noble Ron Ellenson and Lady Doris Johnson
April 2016

Our monthly breakfasts continue to be popular with about 45 in attendance last month. Remember, the social affair is always on the 1st Saturday of each month throughout the year, no matter rain, shine or season of the year. The proceeds allow the club to continue building maintenance and improvements throughout the year, and provide a social atmosphere for the community that is appreciated by the ‘locals’ as well as Shriners and their families.

Our February meeting featured a very casual group and the agenda was impromptu. After the opening, President Noble Casey and the attendees accepted Noble Henry’s treasurer’s report. He reported that we have changed the USPS address from a postal box to our street address that is 315 N. 18th St., St. Helens, OR 97051 and have erected an approved mailbox on site for daily deliveries. We have also changed our monthly billings from the utility companies to an average bill arrangement and directed automatic payments from our checking account to ensure more timely and efficient payments of the recurring obligations.

We discussed the challenging installation of the ‘can’ lighting already purchased and stored in the lower meeting room, and are now seeking to locate a competitively priced installation. Obviously, after several months working on this project we are anxious to complete the task.

We will organize and sponsor a country breakfast and picnic style lunch for community parade day on Father’s Day weekend, June 18th. It is hoped that the Divan and all parade units will be in attendance. We have delighted the parade goers for many years at this traditional event that promotes the Shrine and our Hospital Philanthropy in a proud and colorful presentation. The next day a special social is tentatively being planned at the Wilsonville Shrine Center and may present an occasion for neighboring Shrine Centers and Imperials to attend. Keep tuned!

We are planning a traditional E-W all-star game dinner and will set a date so as not conflict with the Clatsop County Shrine Club’s banquet. Columbia County will be represented with 7-10 players and alternates in the game this year and we are contacting the coaches now for possible desirable dates. We are coordinating with Nobel Carey Huckaba, representing the E-W Game committee, for direction.

The meeting was closed with the Potentate’s representative Noble CR Ron Gamble’s comments that grew into a broad discussion of our club agenda for the balance of the year. With the assistance of Noble Tomey Greer, many ideas were brought forward and will be a focus for our year’s calendar of projects.

Again, our next monthly meeting will be Thursday March 31st, a must attend for the Divan and interested nobles. There will not be a scheduled unit head meeting that night so we expect several visitors.

April 1st - the goofiest of days.

Noble Ron Ellenson and Lady Doris Johnson
March 2016


Our January meeting site, which was decorated with festive tables and featuring an Italian dinner spread of Lady Doris’ home-style spaghetti, classic French bread and a beautiful birthday cake was the setting for our installation of 2016 club officers at the St. Helens Shrine Building in an atmosphere of reunion.

The setting was spirited by Lady Doris. Al Kadar’s Chief Rabban Ron Gamble, administrated the installation of club officers. Noble Terry Pea, 2nd vice president, presided over the meeting in Noble Casey’s absence and presented the agenda. Former chaplain and Al Kadar’s Chaplain Emitters Noel Keister delivered the opening prayer that was a beautiful scripted devotion reflecting on our unique heritage and mission. Thank you Noble Noel and Lady Joan for many years of service to the club. Several past active members were present and acknowledged. I.S. Rennie will head a ‘phone tree’ committee for club meeting reminders.

Our tentative program of events and socials for the New Year were outlined and discussed. An active year is planned and the club is excited to have the Wilsonville Shrine officers actively supporting our program.

Noble CR Ron outlined the new major fundraising project replacing the car raffle that has dominated our Shrine Center efforts in the past few years. It is a “Choose Your Own Adventure” featuring a choice of (5) ultimate vacation raffle options and tickets are $10.00 each or (6) possible winner picks for $50.00. The raffle supports the Al Kader Shrine center, clubs and units with the prize drawing on November 19, 2016 at the Chief Rabban social. Nobel Ron and Lady Gail represented Potentate I.S. John and reviewed activities at the Wilsonville Center.

Noble Henry Hiemuller, club treasurer, reported the financials were in order and everything is satisfactory. Our membership dues are currently due; except for perpetual members, for the 2016 year.

Columbia County Shrine Club

Noble Assistant Rabban Art Hermanson and Lady Lynne were welcomed and thanked for their outstanding contributions to the club. Thanks to visitors Lynda and Ken Gregory who assisted in the serving and kitchen duties.

It then came time to honor past president for several years, and club treasurer as well as Al Kader Treasurer-Emeritus Bob Keller on the anniversary of his birth date. A yummy cake and a round of birthday wishes were offered with our appreciation for Noble Bob and Lady Susan‘s many years of unselfish efforts on behalf of the club, Shriners International and the Portland hospital were acknowledged, Thanks Bob and Susan.

Our next scheduled meeting is planned for the LAST Thursday of March – that’s March 31, at the St. Helens Shrine building with a pot luck style dinner and meeting following at 6:30 PM. We encourage all local Shriners and interested visitors to attend. The monthly breakfast and social will continue on the FIRST Saturday of each month at 7:30 AM.

Columbia County Shrine Club

Wishing you a very festive St. Patrick’s Day.

Noble Ron Ellenson
February 2016

Although the CCSC has not met in two months, because of the holidays conflicting with our regular meeting schedule, we will be back to routine this month. We will start on Saturday, January 28 with a potluck style light dinner buffet at 6:30 PM and business meeting at 7:00 PM. We plan the installation of new officers with Noble Chief Rabban Ron Gamble as officer in charge.

Noble Ron has been appointed the new Potentate’s representative to our club for the ensuing year and along with lady Gail are no strangers to our club. We welcome them as we move forward into the year.

Our lighting project, which we have spoken about several times in this article, is nearing competition. We have purchased the ceiling recessed can lighting fixtures and are awaiting installation. They will be effective lighting for the lower floor and serve us for many years to come. Thanks to all those who have been involved in this project for many months.

The monthly breakfasts remain popular with local neighbors and Shriners from the metro area. They enhance our ability to sponsor community events and assist the SHC-Portland as opportunities arise from time to time. Remember everyone is invited and appreciated. The ‘Tips for Kids’ jar is always available for hospital donations.

We are planning for a year of successful and enjoyable functions for the summer and fall months, so keep tuned for announcements inviting many Al Kader Shriners to participate.

The installation of new officers at the Shrine Center in early January was well attended as Shrine Center Treasurer Emeritus Noble Bob Keller stepped aside after (14) years. Noble Bob is also Treasurer Emeritus of SHC board of governors and chairman of the financial committee for Oregon Grand Lodge. Lady Susan has been a faithful CCSC Shrine Club supporter and volunteers at the hospital as she begins her 17th year of service. Our sincere thanks for their unselfish efforts and service to the Shriners and especially our club, which is a long way from home, and is acknowledged and appreciated. Thank you.

Again, we plan a year of unique community events for the CCSC and we invite visitors to attend our meetings and breakfast socials. Our Februrary meeting will be on the 25th at the St. Helens Shrine Center. The friendships are genuine.

Noble Ron Ellenson
January 2016

Our monthly breakfasts, on the first Saturday of the month, continue to dominate our focus. We invite everyone to join the “regulars” at this favorite country size breakfast and participate in the friendly atmosphere. A $6.00 donation, that benefits our building and restoration fund, is suggested and a coin to two in our SHC-Portland “tips for kids” jar is always welcome.

We thank lady Lynne Hermanson for her support of our potluck style dinner before the monthly meetings during this past year. The light meal is appreciated. Assistant Rabban Art and Lady Lynne have been an effective liaison between the Shrine Center and the CCSC with the Potentate’s calendar reports of the goings on in Wilsonville. Thank you Noble Art and Lady Lynne. We now look forward to Potentate elect John Nerski’s appointed representative for next year.

Our club assisted the St. Helens Kiwanis Club in delivering holiday meals to local needy residents along with the Blue Lodge #32 and local fire department. We contributed $220.00 to the project and expect to make it a seasonal tradition.

We plan to begin offering our Forget Me Not’s, a complimentary breakfast, at our monthly event. They are an important aspect of our Shrine family.

Noble president Casey Garrett has been elected to serve as Worship Master of St. Helens Lodge this year so he will wear two ‘hats’ during the ensuing year. He has been an effective leader of our club, and Chef Casey cooks up a hearty monthly breakfast for which we are all very appreciative. His kitchen staff and the local Rainbow Girls, as servers, combine to make our project successful. Thank you.

I hope this column in the OASIS is an informative and a useful segment of news about our unique club supporting the Shrine Center and the SHCPortland. You are invited to attend one of our monthly meetings, on the last Thursday of the month, except July and August, beginning at 6:30 PM at the Shrine Building, just off Highway #30. Our next meeting will highlight installation of new officers and introduction of the new Potentate’s representative.

Enjoy Christmas when we celebrate faith and family. “In everything give thanks…” Happy New Year!


Noble Ron Ellenson
December 2015

As we begin our fall and winter season of activities, and approach the holiday season, we are mindful of all the blessings we have received over the year. In that spirit we give thanks, and send warm seasonal greetings to you and yours, and wish everyone the best holiday ever experienced.

Our October meeting was highlighted with a commitment to participate in the annual St. Helens Children’s Halloween festival, including a tractor hayride with Noble Henry Hiemuller at the controls. Several members assisted Noble Henry and Noble President Casey this year, but not as a Shrine event. We will make an application through the Shrine Center next year, for the project to be included on our regular program.

We have embarked on the final phase of the LED lighting program by agreeing to begin designing and budgeting the lighting for the lower level of the building, with a committee appointed, to move forward with this improvement. We started with the upper level and hallway, which was completed a few months ago.

Our monthly Saturday breakfasts continue with about 25 guests in attendance last month. We will serve during the holiday and winter months as usual. The next gourmet country feast is on Saturday, December 5th followed by Saturday, January 2nd at 7:00 AM. A donation of $6.00 will be appreciated and supports our building maintenance and restoration fund. The hospital “Tips for Tots” jar will be on the table also.

The Potentate’s representative Noble Assistant Rabban Art Hermanson, greeted the meeting on behalf of the Potentate, and reviewed the Shrine Center’s activity calendar for the balance of this year. Noble Tomey Greer added a reminder of the CR Rabban evening on November 7th and the Shrine Center installation coming up on Saturday, January 2nd. Congratulations to CR John Nerski and Lady Pat.

We received special dispensation for a brief meeting after our November breakfast to elect 2016 officers. Noble Casey Garrett was re-elected as president, Noble Bill Myers 1st VP, Noble Terry Pea, 2nd VP, Noble Rodney Moore, Secretary and Noble Henry Hiemuller, Treasurer. Installation is scheduled to be included at our January stated meeting.

Our next regular meeting will be on Thursday, January 28th due to the Christmas Eve holiday. We invite everyone interested in our Club to attend and welcome ideas to consider for next year.

Noble Ron Ellenson
November 2015

Now that the LED lighting has been installed in the upstairs areas of the Shrine Building we are taking an inventory and assessing the cost of new lighting for the lower areas. Perhaps a can style of fixtures will be used, but a significantly lower operating cost will result in the overall project.

Our club donated a check for $300.00 for purchase of holiday turkeys, for the SHC-Portland at the annual Eastern-Central Oregon Food Caravan Social again this year. This tradition has been a long-standing project among several benefits to the hospital. Although we don’t actually purchase the turkeys and deliver them the hospital’s front door with some fanfare, we participate in the gathering of food items at the Social.

We plan to participate in the 24th annual community children’s Halloween Fair at the St. Helens high school commons on October 31st. We will help with Noble Henry Hiemuller‘s hayride or in the arena booths somewhere. The kids really produce unique costumes, which is always interesting to witness.

Our Potentate’s representative, Noble Art Hermanson and Potentate I.S. Tom Bland were appointed as Imperial Outer Guards for the current year at this year’s July session. Additionally, Noble Ron Ellenson and I.S. Bob Walliker P.P were appointed as Imp. Sir Jerry Gantt’s Imperial Potentate’s Personal Aides. Congratulations on their service in keeping our Shrine Center proudly represented in the Shriners International limelight.

Our next regular meeting will be at the St. Helens Shrine Building on Thursday, October 29th at 6:30 PM with a light buffet style pot luck and brief business meeting following. A hearty country breakfast prepared by Chef Noble Casey Garrett and crew will be served on Saturday, November 7th at 7:00 AM. The donation is only $6.00 with all net proceeds allocated to our building maintenance and restoration fund. It is always a hearty meal with greetings exchanged and friendships renewed. WELCOME everyone.

NOTE: Our November breakfast will be on Saturday November 7th - An ad would be appreciated. No changes other than the date.

Noble Ron Ellenson
October 2015

It’s all about getting back to our regular meeting schedule after a summer recess. We will continue to meet at 6:00PM, on the last Thursday of the month, at the St. Helens Shrine Center, with a light potluck style buffet and a business meeting following.

Five of our members attended this year’s Blue Lodge Cave meeting at Burns August 28th and 29th. The Baker City Lodge #134 presented the Master Mason Degree with about 80 Masons attending. The Burns Lodge #97 served a Harney County pork chop dinner on Friday, and Burns area grown New York cut steaks on Saturday evening, with the usual county sausage and egg breakfasts daily. The rattlesnakes kept their distance, but were sighted along the paths.

We were not able to serve our monthly Saturday breakfast in September and several Tillamook Shriners who traveled a distance were disappointed. We sincerely apologize for the failure to serve on that day, the only Saturday serving we have missed, but can assure everyone it won’t likely happen again.

We plan to present our traditional turkey contribution at the Food Caravan Social in October. We have furnished turkeys for the Portland SHC for several years and it is now a tradition we look forward to each year.

We are pleased that our Illustrious Sir and Past Potentate, Rennie Johnson and Lady Doris will hopefully be back attending our meetings shortly. Rennie is feeling well and anxious to get back to the Club’s schedule again.

Consider attending our country breakfast feeds- -you won’t be disappointed. Everyone always enjoys exchanging friendly conversation and renewing old acquaintances.

Noble Ron Ellenson
September 2015

Several players who had responded to our invitation did not attend our East-West game player recognition dinner on July 18th. Only one player, coach and family were in attendance for the “South of the Border” dinner prepared by Noble President Casey Garrett, Noble Rodney Moore and crew. Thanks to everyone that assisted in the set up and decorations that made it a delightful evening.

Hospital Board of Governors representative Noble Ralph Jubb presented an excellent update on the Portland SHC agendas. Noble president of the Tualatin Shrine Club Bill Blankinship and Lady Donna, and Assistant Rabban Noble Ron Gamble and Lady Gail, were also present. Noble and Potentate’s representative Art Hermansson and Lady Lynne were recognized for their attendance.

The new LED lighting fixtures have been installed in the upstairs Lodge meeting room as well as all hall areas. The lower rooms will probably feature recessed cans and will be scheduled for installation this fall. Our collections from the fundraising breakfasts are allowing these building improvements. Thanks to the community and Shriners for their support.

Our next regular scheduled club meeting will be on Thursday, September 24th at 6:00 PM. Visitors are invited for the light buffet and business meeting.

Noble Ron Ellenson
August 2015

The Club’s May meeting was opened by President Noble Casey Garrett, and an assortment of dishes were featured at a casual potluck style dinner.

The business agenda consisted of planning the June 20th parade day community celebration where the club will host breakfast, and then ser ve a summer style picnic lunch menu for $6.00. The spread supports our building and restoration fund, and the ‘tips 4-kids’ contribution jar, which benefits our SHC patient transportation effort.

A report on the project of replacing the incandescent lamp bulbs with LED lighting in the building was discussed. The upstairs Lodge room will be completed soon and the lower meeting area will be tackled next. The initial cost of the bulb replacement is significant, but features more efficient lighting.

The Oregon E-W game banquet, honoring the Columbia county players, their famines and coaches, will be held on Saturday, July 18 at 6:00 PM in our Shrine Center building. The area will have (4) players, including a Banks Oregon player, in the game event this year. The local newspaper will cover the evening and publish an article locally. Noble Art Hermanson is arranging for a SHC personality to highlight the program to thank the players for their participation in the annual game in Baker City. The game and pageant is a major fund-raising celebration for the Shriners Hospitals for Children® Portland.

After the meeting, several “green thumb” members planted flower selections in the front yard of the building for the OES installation. V.P. Noble Rodney Moore is working on a plan to improve the lower parking area with gravel.

The first Saturday of the month countr y breakfasts will continue throughout the summer. Many community members as well a several Al Kader Nobles and families enjoy them. The proceeds have been instrumental is allowing us to upgrade and maintain the building. We appreciate the support.

Noble Hermanson, Potentate’s representative, closed the meeting with the Potentate’s remarks for the club.

Our next scheduled meeting will be on July 30 at 6:00 P.M. at the Shrine building and ever yone is invited. The evenings are long this time of year and the drive is enjoyable. We are always eager to share ideas with visitors that might improve our cub’s role within Al Kader Shrine.

Noble Ron Ellenson
June 2015

The Columbia County Shrine Club met at the Scappoose Fultano’s Pizza (thanks Noble Isaac for the suggestion) for our April meeting. Locals claim it’s the best pizza anywhere and we agree that it is outstanding. We are aiming to meet at various local restaurants in the county quarterly, proudly wearing our fezzes, hoping to call favorable attention to the Shriners.

President Noble Casey has contacted the coaches of our Columbia County E-W game players and alternates, to establish an agreeable date for our annual dinner. This dinner will be our way of offering a thank you to them, and their families, for support of our game in Baker City. This annual dinner has become one of our prideful club acknowledgments. Our offi cers, the Shrine Divan and hospital administrators always plan a very informative program. This year’s event will be scheduled after the school term ends to ensure a date without various conflicts for the students.

Noble Isaac has been requested to coordinate the design and procurement of a plaque for the base for our new flagpole, donated by the Johnsons. Thanks I.S. Rennie and Lady Doris for this gift to enhance the entrance to our building.

We will serve Chef Noble Casey’s country breakfast to locals and Shrine families before the community parade on June 20th, at no cost. This to be followed with a hearty lunch served after the parade, for a donation of $6.00 to the club’s building and restoration fund. The Kiwanis, and a highlight of the annual community event “100 years of service”, sponsor this year’s 28th parade theme. We hope several Shrine Center units and Divan will participate. It has traditionally been a major parade event of our units until recently when several scheduling conflicts became an issue.

Our newly appointed Potentate’s representative, Temple High Priest & Prophet, Noble Art Hermanson closed the meeting with a health report on I.S. Tom’s condition, which is improving. This was followed with a reminder of the spring ceremonial, honoring the service of Noble Clem Norton for over 50 years of service to the Shrine. He also reminded us to be mindful of the importance of bringing our ladies to socials and dinner events, as they are very important to us in all of our success in everything we do in Shrine. Thank you Lady Lynn, and thanks to all Shrine ladies, for your continuing support to our Club.

Our next meeting will be June 25th at our Shrine Building in St. Helens, and don’t forget to join us for breakfast and lunch on parade day, June 20th. The parade kicks off at noon, down Broadway in St. Helens.

Columbia County Shrine Club

Noble Ron Ellenson
May 2015

The CCSC’s March meeting was held with a rather low attendance and it was suggested we develop a phone tree to remind members of the monthly meeting. A reminder, our regular meting is held on the last Thursday of each month, except July and August, at our Shrine Center in St. Helens. Chef Noble President Casey, Lady Lynn and Noble Isaac put together a smogsboard buffet to serve at the beginning of the meeting. Our thanks to them for this tasty surprise,

The spring fling bowling tournament event was changed to summer/fall but a date has not been determined. We hope to make it an annual get together. We would like the Temple’s ’69 Shelby raffle car on site to promote selling tickets at a future date and a committee is developing that idea.

Noble Bill Meyers has made forms in the shape of the Square and Compasses to set at the base of our new flagpole and Noble Isaac is designing a plaque, which will be dedicated by Noble I.S. Rennie and Doris. We are planning an E-W player banquet this spring or summer but a date has not been set. It has been traditional to host a dinner for Columbia county players each year. It was reported that Noble I.S. Rennie is recovering from his serious illness. We have missed him at our meetings and look forward to his return soon.

Our next meeting will be held at Fultano’s Pizza in Scappoose (Isaac says it is the best!) on May 28th at 6:30 PM. Ladies are invited and nobles are encouraged to wear their Fezzes.

Noble Ron Ellenson
November 2014

After our summer recess the primary focus is the fall Club schedule and election of officers.

The nominating committee chairman Noble John Ridenour will meet to develop a slate of officers for the 2015 Shrine year. They will report their suggestions and the Club will schedule elections. Our members continue to be enthustic participants of our newly organized Club.

The Club plans to sponsor a table at their St. Helens Children’s Fair at their traditional Halloween Health and Safety Fair at the high school commons on October 25th. This community awareness day function has been a highlight of the St. Helens and vicinity for over 20 years.

Imperial Sir Dale Stauss, Imperial Potentate of Shiners International, appointed our Noble, Ron Ellenson, as an Imperial Potentate’s Personal Aide staff member for the current Imperial year. There were 23 nobles selected from the Shriners total membership appointed this year for this honor. IS Bob Walliker was also appointed to serve again this year.

We will donate $50.00 to the Russ George Foundation, a benefit for the Raineer police officer who was shot in the hand while making a traffic stop last summer.

Noble John Ridenour will coordinate our traditional contribution of $300.00 to purchase holiday turkeys for the Shriners Hospitals for Children®- Portland at the Food Caravan. Social at the Shrine Center. This is the 60th year for this successful collection of donations for the hospital.

We will be combining the Columbia County Shriners November and December meetings into one single meeting to be held on Thursday, December 11th at 6:30 PM. This is because the usual meeting dates would have fallen on the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. PLEASE MAKE NOTE OF THIS CHANGE.

Our monthly fundraising breakfast continues on the 1st Saturday of each month at the St. Helens Club Building. Our new signage, shown below, will direct you to the site. Please join us for a hearty country style breakfast to enjoy home-style cooking and social friendships.

Columbia County Shrine Club

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