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December 2018
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Al Kader Oasis Newsletter November 2018
November 2018
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Shrine Center
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Desert Patrol

Units and Clubs remain the heart of the Shrine Center. The Units and Clubs are the individual members focus and gives value to being a Shriner.

Al Kader Shriners Desert Patrol Unit - September 2016

Title Name
Captain Gib Thonstad
1st Lieutenant Jim Loenig
2nd Lieutenant Brian Williams
Quartermaster JB Dick
Secretary IS Dan Moyer
Treasurer Larry Maine
Meeting Time

1st Monday of the month from 6:00 to 8:00 PM


Al Kader Shrine Center


Noble Frank Brewington
October 2018

We had our September meeting at JB and Linda Dicks’ home. BBQ and potluck and great times with friends.

Their son is building his home and the deck is beautiful. We had our meeting out on his deck.

We had a good time doing the lunch and sponsoring a hole at the golf tournament. August 16th, we did make a little money while we were having fun. Make sure you put the date on your calendars for next year. August 15th, 2019.

November 3rd is the Wild Game dinner, please start selling the ads for the placemats. $25.00 for business card size. The dinner tickets are $ 20.00 each. So make sure you get your tickets and to help sell them. The raffle tickets for the scope are available and ready to buy and sell for $10.00 each. We will need donations for food. Any kind of meat that you can donate would be nice. Thanks in advance.

We will be having a dessert auction again this year. So please plan on bringing dessert to be auctioned.

We do have a donation from Todd Weedman, Chief Rabban, of a 6.5 Creedmore with a Nikon 3 to 9 power scope.

The raffle tickets for this item will be $10.00 each.

We will need as many dessert Patrol members as possible to put this on. There will be a food preparation on Friday, November 2nd. The times for all of this will follow.

Food caravan is on October 20th, so get your food donations in and any money donations. You need to call the office for reservations so they will know how much food to get.

John Heston has put out a request for help to do the donkey football game in McMinnville. He needs 6 volunteers please call him for date and time.

Next meeting will be October 1st, Monday at the Shrine Center, Pot luck. 5:30 p.m. Oasis.

Noble Frank Brewington
September 2018

August has come and gone. Our Desert patrol has been attending a lot of Parades. We have been splitting up and part goes to one parade or the other. Baker City was well attended, as was the Bend Run on August 11th, and Astoria the same day.

We had a great time on August 16th at the Golf tournament in Oregon City. Desert Patrol made the lunch and sponsored hole 14.

September 8th is the Burns Parade and Pendleton Parade. If you are going to Burns you need to make your reservations.

Octoberfest is September 13th to 16th – please sign up to help out.

Please remember the Unit Head meeting was cancelled for September 27th.

Wild game dinner tickets are available for $20 along with the Leupold scope raffle tickets for $10. The office has them now to sell, and you can get the tickets from them.

To I.S. Art and Lady Lynne, and to all who are going on the Potentate trip. We hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip.

Noble Frank Brewington
July 2018

The Desert Patrol met at the Shrine Center, we had a potluck and a great meeting.

We did have a few people that were either ill or on vacation. They were all missed.

We did really well on our Mustang Breakfast in Hillsboro, and I want to thank everyone who came and helped us. It would not have turned out as well as it did without all of you.

The members decided on which parades they wanted to attend. The first parade was St. Helens followed by the Sheridan Parade, both on June 16th.

The next Parade will be at Tillamook. June 23rd, form-up will be in the fair grounds. JB and Frank are pulling the trailers.

The Nobles then voted on going to Molalla Parade July 4th, so some said they were going to Molalla and then part to Canby. Frank is pulling the trailer to the Molalla Parade.

July 21, is the Troutdale Parade and July 8 the Newberg Parade.

July 7th is the BBQ at the Shrine Center, please make reservations so we will know how much food will be needed to feed everyone. This is casual and begins at 3:00 pm.

August 4th is the Baker Parade. 10:00 am is check in for all Units.

Noble Todd Weedman talked about the County Fairs that he is working and could use all the help he can get. So Desert Patrol, please help as much as possible.

Noble Frank Brewington
June 2018

Our meeting went very well along with a pot luck. Several discussions were had about the Mustang breakfast and the help we need. This is a money maker so please step-up and help.

Thank you to I.S. Bob and Kathy Walliker for coming to talk to us about the Hospital float. We missed I.S. Dan Moyer from the meeting due to illness. Our thought and prayers are with him and Jennifer.

The parades for St. Helens and for Sheridan is on June 16th please call Gib and let him know if you are going.

June 23rd is the Tillamook parade, Let Gib know if you are going. June 25th is the Stated meeting please come and support your Shrine Center.

June 28th is the Unit Head meeting and if you want to come, you will learn more about the parades and the times.

June 4th is our next meeting at the Shrine Center, Oasis 5:30 dinner at 6:00 p.m. (pot luck) please remember the ladies are welcome to come.

Noble Frank Brewington
May 2018

The meeting on April 2nd went well, thanks to everyone who made it.

The Parade season is here, and we are getting ready to start. The Dalles parade was great and now we are getting ready for the Newport parade. If you have not signed up for the parades, let our Captain Gib Thonstad know if you are going.

We voted to give our I.S. Art Hermanson a thousand dollars for the DeMolay Conclave Luncheon and to support the Golf Tournament in August.

If you are going to the Potentate’s Ball on May 19th, be sure to call for reservations. Without reservations you won’t get in. It will be assigned seating.

Unit Head meeting is May 24th, please come and find out what is going on with the parades.

June 2nd is the Mustang Breakfast, 7:00 am at the Hillsboro fair grounds. Please plan on attending, we really need the help and appreciate it a lot.

To all of the new Nobles that have not signed-up for a unit yet, we would love to have you come to our meeting and join us. We meet at the Shrine Center on the first Monday of the month. Oasis is at 5:30 pm and potluck dinner at 6:00pm. The meeting is at 6:45 pm.

Our next meeting will be on May 7th, Potluck, at the Shrine Center.

Noble Frank Brewington
April 2018

We had a great meeting on March 5th at the Shrine Center. The Pot Luck was enjoyed by all.

The parades were brought up, and not enough guys wanted to go to Heppner, so we are not going. Sign up sheets for the all unit parades were passed around to sign up, please call Gib and let him know the parades you want to go to. The Dalles parade is on April 28th and you need to be there between 8 and 9:00 am. Step off is at 10:00 am.

The Desert Patrol provided the Honor Guard for the Daughters of the Nile Installation on March 18th.

April 2nd is our Desert Patrol meeting at the Shrine Center, Potluck. 5:30 pm Oasis. Dinner 6:00 pm meeting 6:45 pm.

April 7th is the Spring Ceremonial at the Shrine Center, please call and make your reservations.

Desert Patrol Captain Gib Thonstad Noble Frank Brewington
March 2018

We had a great meeting February 5th at the Shrine Center along with a pot luck. We have 5 Nobles who volunteered to go to the Heppner parade on March 17th. The Brewingtons will pull the trailer with the quads.

The Parades that are coming up will be the ones we voted to go to. The Dalles Parade on April 28th, The Newport parade on May 5th, The Lebanon Parade on June 2nd, St Helens Parade June 16th, (If you want to go to Sheridan Parade it is after the St Helens Parade. June 16th in the evening).

Tillamook Parade June 23rd, Newberg Parade July 28th, (we will have to separate and volunteer to go, some will be in Joseph), Baker City Parade August 4th, Astoria Parade August 11th. Some will be at Bend for the Bend Run for a Child.

Albany Parade November 11th. These are all the parades we voted on going to. So please mark your calendars.

Our next meeting will be March 5th at the Shrine Center Pot Luck. See all of you there.


Noble Frank Brewington, Captain
January 2017

We had a good meeting at Saylor’s Old Country Kitchen on Stark Street. We installed part of our group, 1st and 2nd lt. Sec. and Treas. We now need to install a Captain, and we need to find a new one. So if anyone would like to volunteer to be Captain, Please let us know.

Quarter Master to be installed is JB Dick.

The Group has voted to have a meeting at the Shrine Center on January 2nd and it will be a Potluck.

The Stated meeting will be January 9th.

The 13th and 14th of January will be the Unit and Club Divan training

January 26th will be the Unit Head meeting. Please show up and support the new Director of Units.


Noble Frank Brewington, Captain
December 2016

Our next meeting will be at Saylor’s Old County Kitchen Stark Street 103rd Portland, we will meet at 6:00 pm. Look forward into seeing everyone. Installation of new officers. Captain Don Denton 1st Lt, Larry Philbrick, 2nd lt. John Heston, Sect. I.S. Dan Moyer, Treas. Larry Main, Quarter Master JB Dick.

Thank you to all these Nobles who have volunteered their time and effort to make this Unit a great one. Please come out and support our new officers.

I would like to thank all the members of the desert Patrol, IS John Nerski, and IS, Tom Bland and their Divan for helping to make my two years as Captain very pleasant. I have really enjoyed working with everybody. I want to wish the new Officers a great year.

December 12th is the Stated meeting and election of Officers and I encourage all nobles to show their support. These Nobles have contributed a lot of time and effort to Al Kader Shrine. It would be really great to have everyone supporting them, and don’t forget about the Installations on Jan 7th, Please make the reservations for the dinner.

Noble Frank Brewington, Captain
November 2016

Our next meeting is November 7th, it will be elections. Please be thinking about who you want to have as your officers. It will be Potluck at the Shrine Center.

November 11th will be the Albany Parade and we have voted to go. We would like to have as many riders as possible. Please let us know if you are going so we can make arrangements to get the quads there. The Ceremonial is on Saturday, November 12th, Please come out for it. We will be having the Wild Game dinner right after the ceremonial. Please get your place mat orders in so that we can get them to print. Please sell the dinner tickets and scope tickets. We will have the tickets for everyone.

November 14th is the Stated meeting. November 19th is the Chief Rabban night.

November 24th Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

November 26th, is the Christmas for Kids.

December 3rd, this is the Abate Run at the Shrine Hospital.

Our following meeting will be December 5th, and it will be Installation of new officers.

December 10th, this will be the Christmas Social.

Noble Frank Brewington, Captain
September 2016

It is really great to see all of our guys going to the parades. They are going to different parades when we cannot all go together they went to parades that we did not sign up for. John Heston went to Pacific City for the parade and had a great time. The Desert Patrol has gone to Tillamook, to St. Helens, Troutdale, Newburg, and Baker City.

Baker was a lot of fun, and there were 12 guys that came and 10 were in the parade.

Our big thanks to JB and Linda for letting us use their pickup to pull the Trailer to Baker City.

The Bend Run is coming up and we have 3 that are going and possibly more, we hope. Frank is pulling the trailer with the bikes on it. This is the Desert Patrols first time over, and we are looking for a good time.

Al Kader Shriners Desert Patrol Unit - September 2016

Our next meeting will be at the Shrine Center, and it will be pot luck.

Noble Frank Brewington, Captain
August 2016

Our guys have been going to the parades and having lot of fun. They have gone to Tillamook, St. Helens, Sheridan Parades. We are getting ready to go to Troutdale, JB is pulling the trailer.

The Newberg parade is on the 30th of July, and we voted to go. We will need to take the trailer. So we will have to find someone to pull it.

Baker is fast approaching and we will be going. On Friday 5th, is the Caravaner Breakfast so lets go and support them. Then Friday night will be a movie at the RV Park and refreshments will be there. Saturday 6th, is the Breakfast in the park by the Cattle women. We will all meet at the Sunridge hotel and ride to the park together. Then after the parade they will be having the BBQ at the park, instead of the Hotel. It will be free for everyone. More details to follow.

Then before the game we will be riding onto the football field.

August 13th some of us will be going to the Bend Run, and there is a Parade the same day in Astoria, so if anyone wants to go to it, it is all Units.

August 18th is the golf tournament and we are supporting a hole, so please come out and help. We need to be there by 8:00 am. They will have refreshments before we start in the morning. The lunch you pay for.

The State fair is coming up, and they would like help to sell the tickets. Contact Ron Gamble, Chief Rabban, it goes from August 26th to September 5.

August 27th is the Aumsville parade it is all Units.

August 28th is the Shrine family Picnic at Oaks Park. 11 to 4 pm.

September 5th is our meeting at the Shrine Center Potluck.

Noble Frank Brewington, Captain
July 2016

We have completed the Dalles and Newport Parade and had a great turnout. Thank you everyone for coming and supporting the Desert Patrol.

The Mustang breakfast is coming up on June 4th at Hillsboro Fairgrounds the cost is $6.00. It is 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., so let your friends know to come out and join us. We went to Tebo’s for our meeting and had a great surprise, we ended up having a lady come up and ask us if she could talk to all of our group. We told her yes at the end of the meeting. She told us Thank you for doing what we do. Her sister got polio and they didn’t expect her to live. She needed surgery because she could not walk, so the Shriners Hospital on Sandy Blvd did surgery on her sister, they put a rod in her back. She is now 53 years old and because of the Shriners they got to keep her sister 30 more years.

She now has a brain tumor and they don’t know how much longer she will be with them. But a Big thank you was given.

Art Hermanson, Potentate Rep talked about the repairs that are coming to Shrine center.

The mustang breakfast went really good. I want to thank my daughter Kathy Pickett and my Granddaughter Alyssa Pickett along with her fiancé for coming to help us do all of the work. We had a good crew from the Desert Patrol and we served about 200 people in 3 hours. Our Potentate Representative, Art Hermanson also helped us out in clean up, Thank you all for the hard work on the hottest day in June.

We have a lot of things going on the next couple of months and it was voted on to go to the St Helens Parade, and some of the Desert Patrol members are going to Sheridan. We also voted to go to the Tillamook Parade. In July there will be a parade in Philomath and we voted to go. We also voted to go to the Troutdale parade, going early and having breakfast at the Troutdale lodge, then do the parade.

Some of us have voted to go to Newberg and a few are going to Joseph.

We voted to go to Baker City, we will be going to the breakfast Friday morning and supporting the Caravaners breakfast, and then on Saturday morning we will be going to the park for breakfast, and then riding in the Parade.

That afternoon we will be going to the park for the BBQ. and then we will be going onto the field before the game.

We also voted to do the Bend Run on Saturday, we also have members going to Astoria Parade. The Golf Tournament, we are sponsoring a hole, and we need to remember to work. Then Aumsville Parade, Then we will have a lot of fun going to the Shrine family Picnic at Oaks Park. We voted not to have any meetings in July and in August, so our next meeting is September the 5th.

Noble Frank Brewington, Captain
May 2016

I would like to thank Larry Philbrick, and Mel De Hut for setting up the room for the meeting. It was really nice to have everyone helping clean up the room after the meeting. It is greatly appreciated.

My concern for all our guys that are coming to the Parades, we really need to use a strong sunscreen to prevent anyone from getting cancer.

Chief Rabban fund raiser: We all need to continue selling the tickets to enhance the budget.

I tried to get reservations in Bend for the fun run, and some of the Hotels had doubled the prices and we tried to get the reservations for Friday and Saturday, They would not let us do that.

If we wanted to stay, we would have to stay a three night minimum So we tried to get reservations at Redmond, and they were sold out. So did any one get reservations for that week end?

Those who want to go to Joseph or Baker City needs to get their reservations in. At Joseph you make your own reservations, to go to Baker City you go through Shrine Center Office.

Our Mustang Breakfast is on June 4th, the set up is at 7:00 am and we serve at 8:00 am and this is at the Hillsboro Fair grounds. We need people to set up and need to have people to clean up. If you want to have a good breakfast, come out and join us. Everyone is welcome.

The banner for the Unit of the Year award was not ready and I.S. John was going to present it at our meeting, but now he is going to present it at the Dallas parade.

Noble Frank Brewington, Captain
April 2016

Editor’s Note: This entry was intended for the March Oasis

Thank you I.S. John and 1st lady Pat, for coming and visiting our Desert Patrol Meeting. A big thank you for I. S. John for installing our officers, and thanks for the presentations.

Thank you to our new Representative Assistant Rabban, Art Hermanson and Lady Lynn for attending our meeting and informing us on all of the activities that are going on at the Shrine Center. We look forward to working closely with them this year.

March 6th, We voted to have a work party to get the Quads running and a possible practice. This will be from 2 pm to 5 pm, and then everyone to go for Pizza.

I know it is early but I wanted to tell you of the Mustange Breakfast on June 4th so you will put it on your calendar.

We will need a lot of help for cooking, set up at 7:00 am and clean up and tear down at 11:00 am.

March 14th, Stated Meeting, We would like as many of you as possible to attend. This is the best way to stay informed of what is going on in the Shrine Center. Please call to let them know if you are going, (if you plan to eat).

March 19th, Irish Social wearing of the green. Oasis is at 4:30 and dinner is at 5:30 pm. Please call for reservations no later than Wednesday 16th.

March 20th Easter Egg Hunt, We voted to give High Priest and Prophet, Todd Weedman $ 200.00 for the event.

March 24th Unit Head meeting: Call if you plan on coming and eating.

I really appreciate all of the help for cleaning up the room and resetting it. It was really great to have everything done so fast.

Our next meeting is March 7th at the Shrine Center Potluck, Oasis is at 5:30, dinner is at 6:00 pm, Meeting 6:45 pm.

Editors Note: This portion of the Desert Patrol update was submitted for the April issue.

April is fast approaching and we are now getting ready to do the Parades. The first start is by having a work and practice on April 3, 2016 at 2:00pm. Then our meeting is on April 4th, oasis is 5:30 with meeting to follow.

We will be having another practice and work party on April 17th at 2:00 pm.

Thank you Nobles for doing the Honor Guard for the Daughters of the Nile. Congratulations to all of the new officers.

The 15th and 16th is the Ceremonial for the new Nobles and we need to have a good showing and greet the new Nobles.

The Potentates Ball is on April 23rd and it would be great if we had a good turnout, there will be Imperial Officers here and Officers here from other Shrine Centers.

My Thanks to all of our Nobles and Ladies for resetting the room after all our meetings. I do really appreciate it.

See you all soon.

Noble Frank Brewington, Captain
February 2016

I can’t believe that 2015 is over all ready, it has just flown by.



We did not have a meeting in January, because of the weather, I would rather cancel then take a chance on anyone getting hurt.

We found out who our new Potentate Representative is for the year. Thank you Art Hermanson, Assistant Rabban for being our Representative.

We look forward to working with I.S. John Nerski and the divan this year.

There are new projects coming this year. We need to do our best to make these projects successful.

We are going to be starting a lot of projects, and getting together to get all of our quads working and cleaned up. The quads are going to get letters repainted, and names put on. We will also be getting the trailer fixed up.

Our next meeting will be February 1st, 2016, at the Al Kader Shrine Center. Oasis 5:30, Dinner 6:00 and meeting 6:45 pm. See you all there.

Noble Frank Brewington, Captain
January 2016

On December 7th, the Desert Patrol had their meeting at the Claim Jumper in Tualatin, every one had a good time. It was really great to see a good turn out. Our Installation was done by John Nerski, Chief Rabban. It was really nice to have his wife Pat there with us. John made his remarks, letting us know that the Divan appreciated all help that the Desert Patrol has provided this year.

Art Hermanson. High Priest and Prophet along with his wife Lynne and daughter Jeannie was there to give us positive feed back on the desert patrol’s participation on the Kids Christmas party.

IS Dan Moyer gave a very positive report on the Wild game dinner. Thank you to everyone who supported this project.

Our Potentate Representative, Todd Weedman, Oriental Guide, made his remarks, encouraging everyone to come to the Stated meeting, he told the Noble’s to bring their wives to the meeting they are more than welcome to be there. They always have something for the wives up stairs while the meeting is going on down stars. He also asked everyone to come to the Christmas Social. He then invited all the Nobles and their ladies to come to the Installations.

Al Kader Shriners Desert Patrol Installation 2016


Noble Frank Brewington, Captain
November 2015

The Desert Patrol is selling tickets for the wild game dinner, please call if you want some of the tickets for the dinner they are $ 15.00 each. The dinner is on November 14th, (Saturday).

When you buy your dinner tickets they will be used for door prizes.

We can use more gift certificates for the dinner, please get them in too.

We are still selling ads for the placemats, so get them sold and turned in, we need time to get the mats made up.

Remember any Shriner that wants to sell the dinner tickets or scope tickets can do so. Call Gib and he will make sure to give them to you.

November 7th is the Chief Rabban Night Oasis 5:30 pm, we need to all come out and support John and Pat Nerski.

Winter Ceremonial November 21, starts 8:30 am, still time for the petitions to be turned in. This is the time to get new Nobles into the Units and to get them active.

Al Kader Shriners Desert Patrol

We had a great meeting in October, nice potluck, got a lot of things accomplished, regarding the wild game dinner, and the toys for the kids Christmas party. John Heston made the meeting more interesting, he presented our Captain, Frank, Quarter Master, JB, and our Potentate Rep, Todd with a gift. It was a half bra with a wine glass in the bra.

The next meeting may prove to be interesting, the men are too cook the dinner for the potluck by themselves and no purchasing the prepared food.

Noble Frank Brewington, Captain
October 2015

The Desert Patrol is in the process of selling tickets for the scope, we are selling only 300, so get your tickets from one of the members. They are $10.00 each. The scope is a beautiful scope and you can see it at the Shrine Center in the display case in the lobby. So let us know and we will get a ticket or two for you.

We now have tickets for the Wild Game Dinner for sale for $15 each. Let us know and we will sell you as many as you want. November 14th is coming fast. We have a lot of prizes to buy tickets for at the dinner. So get in on all of the fun.

The Desert Patrol had their meeting at the Timm’s home and the food was great and had a great time.

Noble Bob Timm Sr. was presented with a plaque from the Unit making him Captain Emeritus. For getting the Unit started in 1988. Pictured below.

Al Kader Noble Bob Timm Sr. was presented with a plaque from the Unit making him Captain Emeritus

Don’t forget about the Oktoberfest in Mt Angel. If you can help work, Please let Todd Weedman, Oriental Guide know, he has schedule going.

Our next meeting will be October 5th at the Shrine Center. Potluck.

Noble Frank Brewington, Captain
September 2015

The Desert Patrol has gone to several parades. in Newberg the trailer did not work, so since we could not get the bikes there, the guys walked and rode with other units in the Parade. We did have 6 guys at the Parade.

Then we went to Baker, we didn’t think we were going to have the trailer with the bikes again, Thanks to Gib getting the trailer over to Baker. He had a blow out on the tires, got 4 new ones. Then the Axle broke, so he had to stay in Hermiston for the night. He finally got to Baker Friday night at 7:30 pm, it was so good to see him. We had 13 riders. Thank you guys for coming out and participating.

August 22, is the Militar y Social from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm, I hope ever yone attends to support this Event.

Unit head meeting will be coming up August 27th.

August 29, we have two parades, 1 in Beaverton, and 1 in Aumsville.

August 30th is the Shrine Picnic at Oaks Parks, remember it is by points only.

We do have the tickets for the scope on sale now. So if you would like to buy one or two, see the Desert Patrol Unit.

Al Kader Desert Patrol

Noble Frank Brewington, Captain
August 2015

The Desert Patrol meeting was held at Gib Thonstad’s home with a potluck. We would like to thank Gib and Chris for hosting.

The next Parade is in Philomath, and we have 5 guys going.

July 13th is the Stated Meeting at the Shrine Center.

July 18th is the Troutdale Parade, Breakfast starts 8:00 am and the form up is at 10:00 am, Step off is at 11:00 am. Gib is taking the trailer to Troutdale. Thank you Gib

July 25th is the Newberg Parade. Gib is taking the trailer to Newberg meet behind the fence. Form up is at 9:00 am and step off 10:00 am. Thank you again Gib for taking the trailer.

August 1st Baker City, 7:00 am Breakfast in the park starts. We usually form up and ride together to the park at 8:00 am to eat and head to 4th and Washington for the form up at 9:00 am, with step off at 10:00 am.

If you have not made reservations for the hotel, you need to get them in quickly.

The tickets for the scope has been ordered. They will be $10.00 each and if you have not seen the scope, you can see it at the shrine center in the display case in the lobby. The Wild Game Dinner is on November 14th. We will be getting the tickets and will start preselling them. The cost will be $15.00 each.

We also have several other really nice prizes, so you will need to come to the dinner to see them, and have an opportunity to win.

August 20th will be the Golf Tournament at the Oregon City Golf Course. Be there by 7:00 am.

August 22nd is the Military Social, lets support it.

August 27th is the Unit Head meeting 6:00 pm.

The next Desert Patrol meeting will be on September 7th.

Noble Frank Brewington, Captain
July 2015

The Desert Patrol had their Mustang Breakfast on June 6th at Hillsboro Fair Grounds. Thank you to JB and Linda Dick,IS Dan & Jennifer Moyer, Hap & Pati Baldwin, Gib & Chris Thonstad, Bob Swan, Jay & Pam Saatkamp, Lane McLean, Larry Philbrick, IS Bill & Shirley Newhouse, and Larry White (he is not a member of the Desert Patrol but he wanted to help us. thank you. ) We had a great time and a lot of business.

Our first Parade is at Sheridan on June 13th, so far we have 13 members going. Form up at 4:00 pm at the Masonic Lodge, 240 NW Washington, Step off at 6:00 pm, ladies will sit at Sheridan RX.

June 20th, will be our next Parade, it is at St. Helens, and we will meet at the Blue Lodge on Hwy 30, 10:30 is form up, and 12:00 pm is step off.

So far we have 12 members going, hoping for more. They are having a free Breakfast before the Parade, and after the Parade they are having a BBQ, $ 6.00 each.

June 27th is the Tillamook Parade, we will be meeting at the Fair Grounds, where the Caravaners stay. Then we will go to the park for the form up is at 9:30 am, step off is 11:00 am, so far we have 16 members signed up to go.

July 4th the Parade will be in Molalla, form up is at 8:30 am at the High School, and Step off is at 9:30 am. So far we have 7 going.

We are looking to sell ads for the place mats for the game dinner, any help would be great. Business card size is $25.00 and we have forms you can fill out. We have some great prizes that are already donated. And looking to get more.

The dinner tickets are $ 15.00 each. So hope to see you there. This is going to be on November 21, and we want to get started now.

Thank you to all of our members for helping out, and being so active, this is what it is all about.

Desert Patrol Wild Game Dinner Drawing

Noble Frank Brewington
June 2015

On our May 4th meeting at the Shrine Center, the potluck was really good. Thank you ladies for the good food.

Our unit went to the Newport Parade, and we had a great turnout. We had 13 riders.

May 16th, Flintstone Social.

May 17th, we will be having a practice at the Shrine Center, 1:00 pm

Unit Head meeting is May 28th.

On June 6th, at 7:00 am, we have our Mustang Breakfast, it is at the Hillsboro Fairgrounds. We will need all the help we can get, so it will make it easier to get the work done. Dan and Jennifer are getting the food, and we will have canopies to work under, they will provide protection from the rain or sun. This is a good opportunity to look at some mustangs and have some good fellowship.

June 13th Sheridan Parade, all Units. Form up 4:00 pm at 917 S. Bridge St. (Masonic Lodge) step off 6:00 pm, in front of Sheridan RX. We would like as many riders as possible so it will be a good showing for IS Tom Bland.

It will be good to have JB and Linda back, we hope they had a great time on their trip. We also want to thank everyone for helping to clean up the room after the meeting. It is really nice to have the help.

Our next meeting is June 4th, Oasis 5:30 pm, Dinner 6:00 pm meeting 6:45 pm. at the Shrine Center, Potluck.

Noble Frank Brewington
May 2015

Our April meeting was held at Tebo’s in Gladstone, we had a good attendance and every Noble was wearing his Fez.

We completed our last reading on the bylaws change to move our meeting time from 7:00 to 6:30 and now it will go to our Potentate for approval.

We are in the process of getting the bikes running and cleaned, they are also getting the lettering touched up.

Our next Parade will be at The Dalles on April 25th. We have 12 Nobles signed up to go. The form up is behind the old Albertsons store.

The next Unit head meeting is on April 30th; Nobles and their ladies are invited to go. If you are going to eat dinner there, please call the office and make reservations with them.

May 2nd will be the next Parade, it is at Newport and the form up will be behind the Wall Mart store. We have 14 Nobles signed up to go.

The Mustang Breakfast is on June 6th, at the Hillsboro Fairgrounds, We have to be there by 7 am . We will need all the help we can get, so put this on your calendars and plan on being there for working, and a good time.

I would like to thank all of our members of the Desert Patrol for being a great Unit and being active.

Our next meeting May 4th and it will be at the Shrine Center, pot luck.

Noble Frank Brewington
April 2015

At the meeting on March 2nd, 2015, we voted to do the Honor Guard at Daughters of the Nile Installation, we had a good turn out, and the installation was very nice.

The ATV’s are being prepared for the parade season, with the vote a the members to go to Heppner as our first Parade.

At our April 6th meeting we will be doing our last vote on the By-laws change.

I would like to thank Dave Simpson, Todd Weedman, Larry Evey, Dan Moyer, Larry Philbrick, JB Dick, and Phyllis for helping to get the Quads running.

We need to make sure that everyone’s Emails, Phone numbers, and address’s are correct. Please call Gib or Frank to let us know.

Just a little note to everyone, our Secretary Gib Thonstad and his beautiful wife Chris, is celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary May 24th, 2015.

The Golf Tournament in August 20th is coming up and we voted to sponsor a hole. Thank you to all of the members who are coming to the meetings, it is greatly appreciated.

Next meeting is April 6th at Tebo’s restaurant in Gladstone. Remember to wear your fez!

Be active and let’s be Unit of the Year in 2015

Participate - Participate - Participate!!!

Noble Frank Brewington
March 2015

We had a really good meeting on February 2nd, I thank everyone for coming. Our next meeting will be March 2nd, hope to see everyone there. The next event will be on March 8th, we have been asked to do the Honor Guard for the Daughters of the Nile. The dress will be tux, white gloves, black tie and your fez. Please let me know if you can make it. The time is 1:00 pm at the Shrine Center.

The next event is the stated meeting on March 9th, please plan on attending. It should be a interesting meeting.

During our meeting. We voted to go to the Hepner Parade, so far we have 7 guys going. Wives are welcome to come.

The Potentate’s ball is on March 21, and it is formal. You need to call and let them know a head of time if you are going.

Look forward to seeing all of you at the next meeting.

Frank Brewington, Captain
January 2015

The Desert Patrol met on December 1st at the Saylor's old Country Kitchen. We all had a good time.

Our officers were installed into their new offices by Tom Bland, Chief Rabban. We have two more to be installed at our next meeting January 5th at the Shrine Center, it will be Pot Luck.

The Christmas Gift Wrap at the Fred Meyers on Johnson Creek and 82nd Ave is starting up, so if anyone needs their Christmas presents wrapped, we will be happy to wrap them for you.

Wow!! I see that the Cyclowns are picking on the Desert Patrol. We just wanted to let you know that we will match your offer of a free drink, come on over.

Our Potentate’s Representative, Todd Weedman, encourages us to visit the Cyclowns for some playful banter and demand our cheese. Todd would prefer dark chocolate and a fine Syrah, but doesn’t want to bust the Cyclowns bank.

Thank you for allowing me to serve as Captain of the Desert Patrol for the coming year. I look forward to working with all of you.

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